CHOUKA Bars: rear-riser handles

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The CHOUKA Bars improve your grip, your piloting actions, your feeling and your comfort when using the rear-risers to control the paraglider.

The rear-riser steering handles also reduce the feeling of cold hands often due to the compression of the glove and the fingers when flying directly with the risers or by placing the fingers between the rear lines.

* The CHOUKA Bars handles are sold in pairs. The rubber protections to protect the risers are supplied with. The risers visible on some photos are of course not included (nor is the wing connected to the end :-).



The CHOUKA Bars are designed for risers up to 20mm width (most modern paragliders). The rear-riser handles are available in two different sizes:

  • 50mm for a compact setup (2 fingers: 1 on each side of the riser).
    • Weight: 25 g (0.88 oz)
  • 90mm for better control (4 fingers: 2 on each side of the riser).
    • Weight: 33 g (1.16 oz)


  • Protection of the risers: the CHOUKA Bars incorporate rubber protections so as not to damage the risers.
  • Limiting the risk of a line getting caught during takeoff thanks to rounded shapes.
  • Reduced tightening torque: the rear riser insertion slots on the steering handles are designed not to slip even with a low tightening torque of the screws, in order to preserve the risers.


Assembly procedure to be repeated for each of the 2 rear risers:

  1. Insert the rubber bands in their slots to protect the risers.
    Montage des CHOUKA Bars
  2. Place the rear riser in its slot, on the rubber band. Close with the small tap with its rubber band.
    Montage des CHOUKA Bars
  3. Make sure the nuts on the other side are in place and screw both screws without tightening.
  4. Adjust the height/position of the handle.
  5. Check that the riser is only in contact with the rubberbands on both sides.
    Montage correct des CHOUKA Bars Mauvais montage des CHOUKA Bars Mauvais montage des CHOUKA Bars
  6. Tighten the 2 screws to 5 N.m homogeneously: the same length of each screw must go through the nuts. Do not tighten too much, you could damage your riser! Without a torque wrench, tighten so that the riser will not slide in the handle during steering actions but no more.
    Montage des CHOUKA Bars


  • The rear-riser handles are intended for experienced pilots already used to this type of steering.
  • Setup checks:
    • Correct tightening, not excessive (5 N.m).
    • Tightening is homogeneous.
    • Risers must only be in contact with the rubber bands.
  • Additional pre-flight checks:
    • No tangling with other lines.
    • Correct mounting of the handles.
  • Inspections every 100h or every year:
    • Risers condition.
  • It is recommended to untight the screws if you are storing the wing for a long period.

Rear steering

Steering with the rear-risers (instead of the brakes) is useful when you are using the speed-bar, to improve your glide ratio and speed in cross-country flights, etc.

In strong conditions it is aimed more at experienced pilots but it is good to familiarize yourself with it quickly during your progression.

User manual

Download the CHOUKA Bars rear-risers paragliding handles in FrenchEnglish.

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice design, easy to install. I have now flown with them yet. I hope they won’t damage my risers. There were some sharp edges that I sanded down to make them smooth all over.

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