What the f*** is a CHOUKA?

Ever seen this bird? Commonly known as a “choucas” in French, it does not need any CHOUKA variometer to soar around acrobatically 🙂

Alpine chough


Where are our variometers distributed ?

The CHOUKA clients are located mostly in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, UK, USA and Belgium but we distribute throughout all Europe. We also cover other countries around the world but shipping cost may be more expensive.

We sell our variometers directly on our Website, with credit/debit/VISA card paiement.

How are our variometers manufactured?

The CHOUKA is engineered, manufactured and tested in the French Alps in Grenoble by INOVALTI.

How are our variometers shipped?

Our variometers are shipped using Colissimo tracking letter.
In order to reduce waste and sales price, the “no-frills” packaging’s only purpose is to protect the variometer during transport.

What is unique about the CHOUKA variometer?

Its weight (13g = 0.45oz), its dimensions (32x26x15mm = 1.3x1x0.6in) and its battery autonomy (40h in thermal) make it the most compact and lightest paragliding variometer on the market. It is ideal for hike and fly, run’n’fly, mountains flying, paralpinism, tandem flying and for all pilots seeking simplicity and efficiency.

Can I ignore safety rules and the law by using our variometers?

Of course no! Our variometers are neither navigation instruments nor safety equipment. They are meant for free-flight sports practice. Usual safety rules and VFR codes and conducts must be respected.