CHOUKA Balls Handles

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The CHOUKA Balls handles* are easily and quickly mounted on the brakes of your paraglider.

* The CHOUKA Balls are sold in pairs. The brake control visible on some photos is not included.



The CHOUKA Balls handles are available in two diameters: 30 or 40 mm.
The handles are compatible with brakes with or without a swivel with a maximum diameter of ⌀ 8.2mm = 0.32in (standard swivel ⌀ = 8mm = 0.31in)).


Easy and quick setup : in one minute, without tools and without disconnecting anything.
  1. Guide the brake line through the slot of the handle.
  2. Slide it until it stops on the brake control (over the swivel).
  3. Tie a knot on the remaining strand of the brake line in such a way as to prevent the ball from sliding along the brake line. If the length of the remaining strand is insufficient, you can use a separate piece of rope to block and fasten the handle.
  4. Check that the slack of your brakes is not modified. If it is slightly modified, make sure the trailing edge of the wing is not affected in the “hands up” or full-bar position. Extend your brake lines if necessary.



Checking the handles should be part of your pre-flight checks:
  • No tangling with other lines.
  • Brake lines length and slack must be checked (once). In the “hands up” or full-bar position, the trailing edge of the wing must not be affected. Extend your brake lines if necessary.
  • The handles must not slide along the brake line. Fasten them correctly.

User manual

Download the CHOUKA Balls manual in French, English.

2 reviews for CHOUKA Balls Handles

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Nice product, I like it very much in air and on starts as well

  2. Piotr (verified owner)

    Pretty good quality as for 3D printed part.

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