Paragliding variometer CHOUKA smart

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The most compact and lightest paragliding variometer on the market !

The CHOUKA‘s lightness and battery autonomy will allow you to leave it constantly on its mounting point during each trip (helmet, risers, harness, cockpit, etc.). This vario is ideal for paragliding hike & fly, mountain flying, tandem, and above all for paraglider pilots rejecting the idea to fly with a labyrinthine system !

The CHOUKA smart offers the same functionalities as the classic CHOUKA but can also be connected to the XCTrack application on an Android smartphone in order to combine the power of XCTrack, the smartphone’s GPS and the precision of the variometric data of the CHOUKA.


Connected to Android + XCTrack

  • Can be connected with an OTG cable (supplied) to the XCTrack for Android mobile application.
  • Combines the power of XCTrack with the precision of the CHOUKA variometer.
  • The CHOUKA’s own sound is deactivated when it is connected to the smartphone in order to configure a custom sound with XCTrack.

Ultralight vario !

  • 13 g (0.45 oz)
  • 32 x 25 x 16 mm (1.3 x 1 x 0.6 in)


  • Rechargeable battery with micro-USB cable
  • 40h of battery autonomy in thermal
  • Low battery beep ~4h before auto shut-down
  • Power switch easy to handle with winter gloves
  • Velcro attachment & lanyard for mounting the variometer on your helmet, cockpit, harness, paraglider risers, etc.


  • 15 cm/s sensitivity
  • Vario tone pitch and frequency variations depending on the vertical speed

    Variometer thresholds
    Variometer thresholds


How is the CHOUKA variometer manufactured?


Vario sound

Vertical speed Bipbip
+8 m/s
+4 m/s
+2 m/s
+1 m/s
Near-thermal (-0.2 to +0.8 m/s)
Normal descent (-5 to -0.2 m/s) No sound
Fast-descent (< -5 m/s)
Other sounds
Low battery

User Manual

Download the user manual in: English, French, Spanish, Italian

XCTrack configuration

  1. Install XCTrack on your Android device:
  2. Connect the CHOUKA smart to your smartphone with the supplied OTG USB cable.
  3. Turn the CHOUKA smart on and start XCTrack application.
  4. Confirm the authorisation popup.

    XCTrack autorisation
    XCTrack autorisation
  5. Configure XCTrack through the menu: “Settings” > “Connection & Sensors”:
    • “External sensor” = “USB sensor”
    • “Baud rate for FTDI devices” = 9600
    XCTrack menu 1
    XCTrack menu 1

    XCTrack menu 2
    XCTrack menu 2
  6. After a few seconds, the external variometer is detected.

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  1. Milos (verified owner)


  2. Milos L. (verified owner)

    5 stars

  3. John H.

    Nice design and easy setup with XCT.

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