Paragliding compass CHOUKA


A lightweight compass designed for paragliding, easy to read during flight.

Fastening on the cockpit (velcro + lanyard) or on the leg (elastic thigh strap).


Designed for paragliding

  • Compass readable between -25 ° and +25 ° horizontal tilt.
  • Easy attachment (see photos):
    • Cockpit: Velcro + lanyard;
    • Leg: elastic thigh strap.
  • Lightweight :
    • Diameter : 40 mm (1,57 in)
    • Height : 31 mm (1,22 in)
    • Weight: 19 g (0,67 oz) / 22 g (0,77 oz) with the elastic thigh strap


  • Does not allow flying in clouds or without visibility.
  • VFR rules must be observed.
  • This compass is not a navigation instrument and should not be used for IFR.

User manual

Download the user manual in  FrenchEnglish.


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